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What: The Detroit Erotic Arts Collaborative (DEAC) is a unique closed event dedicated solely to the creation of fine art erotic photography. This includes, but is not limited to, artistic nudes, fetish, lingerie and pinup. The format is of the pre-scheduled trade variety in one hour intervals predetermined by the models and photographers prior to the event.

Who: Photographers and models 18+, from amateur to professional, are welcome, but only those screened for professional integrity will be allowed. This is not to be elitist, but due to the erotic nature of the DEAC, it is to ensure security within a professional and productive event. Makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion designers and fetish toy makers are also welcome.

When: The next DEAC event will have two days available for shooting...Saturday May 30 from noon to 8pm and Sunday May 31 from noon to 6pm. You can shoot as little or as much as you desire on either or both days. Check-in begins at 11am on both days until 5pm.

Where: The location will be at a Detroit area location disclosed only to registered participants.  There will be numerous rooms, levels  and areas (mostly dilapidated) to shoot in privacy and will be closed to the general public. Photographs of these areas can be viewed in the member-only Venue Layout gallery.

Security: Floor monitors will be at hand to ensure the overall security and peace while keeping the public away from your creativity. They will also periodically walk all the areas for to be of any assistance if needed. They will be strict in upholding the DEAC rules, but they are doing so for your safety and the greater good all participants as a whole.

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