DEAC Rules of Conduct

Below are the Rules of Conduct that all DEAC members must follow to remain an active member of DEAC. We appreciate all members to uphold these rules to help us keep DEAC productive and creative for everyone.

If you encounter any problem whatsoever for any reason, please contact us privately so we may resolve them immediately. Thank you.

  1. SIGN UP - If you have an active DEAC profile, you must signup for the upcoming event in order to contact someone to schedule. Scheduling without signing up is not allowed. To do so, simply click the signup link on the event page. If you do not have a DEAC profile, we welcome you to register one today.
  2. SCHEDULING - Do not schedule with anyone not on the official participation list for that event. If someone contacts you to schedule and is not on the participation list, kindly ask them if they plan to sign up to the current event.
  3. CHARGING - Charging of personal rates is not allowed prior to or during DEAC events. DEAC is strictly a trade event and the only fees allowed are the DEAC fees to participate at the event. However, you are allowed to seek paid shoots outside of DEAC hours and locations (ex: hotel rooms), but please do so privately and not publicly in the forums.
  4. PERSONAL LIMITS - When contacting someone, be mindful of their shooting preferences and do not attempt to persuade them past their listed preferences. If you are unsure about their preferences and limits, always ask first. Never assume your limits are the same as theirs.
  5. PRIVATE LISTINGS - If you plan to work with only one person in particular and no one else, you may request to be listed as "private" so no other member may contact you for scheduling. Also, if you see someone listed on the participation list as "private", do not contact them regarding scheduling whatsoever.
  6. PERSONAL PHOTOG/MODEL/MUA - If you wish to bring your own photographer, models or MUA, they are still required to register and sign up like everyone else.
  7. ASSISTANTS - If desired, one working assistant is allowed to accompany and assist you during the event. However, they are only to assist and not permitted to act as model, photographer or makeup artist. If they are planning to shoot, model or apply makeup, they are required to register and sign up as such like everyone else. Any assistant caught doing anything of this will be immediately removed from DEAC, and possibly yourself.
  8. CANCELLATIONS - If you cannot attend for one or both days that you signed up for, you must officially cancel those days otherwise the system may ban you as a no-show. If you only need to cancel one of the days, click "preferences" on the event page to change your preferences. If you need to cancel altogether, click "resign event" on the same event page. These action will change your listing on the participation list.
  9. NO-SHOW/FLAKE - If you do not show up for any days that you officially signed up for, you will be considered a flake and will be banned from attending future DEAC events.

(Please note that each venue may have their own rules that we must abide to in order to use their space. We will email everyone with any new specific rule additions, if they arise. Please respect them as well.)
  1. SECURITY - DEAC monitors will be patrolling the various areas of the event venue to ensure the overall security and peace while keeping the public away from your creativity. They will also be strict in upholding the DEAC Rules for your safety and the greater good of all participants so please be courteous and listen to what they may say. If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, always bring it to their attention so they may help.
  2. WRISTBANDS - You must wear your DEAC wristband or have it on an item with you at all times while inside the DEAC areas. If you leave DEAC areas, you will not be permitted back inside without your wristband.
  3. SAFETY - Do not place yourself or anyone else in any dangerous situation. Do not lean over or climbing onto stair rails or ledges. Do not climb onto shelves, bar counters or tables. Do not go into any area that is marked off with caution tape, padlocked, or blocked. Do not walk around in bare feet. If bare feet are required for your shoot, do not remove your shoes until you have checked the area for sharp or otherwise dangerous objects.
  4. VENUE RESPECT - We are all guests to each venue we use. Do not move anything without asking a monitor for permission first. Do not mark up or damage any part of the venue in any way, no matter how dilapidated it may already seem. Please pick up any trash you may have. Our basic mindset is "leave no trace" when we leave so we may hopefully be welcomed back again.
  5. PERSONAL LIMITS - Be respectful of everyone's personal limits. Anyone trying to push someone past their limits will be removed immediately and banned from DEAC.
  6. NUDITY - No nudity or heavy bondage is allowed in any publicly accessed/viewable areas, such as hotel lobbies, entrance foyers, elevators, stairways, near railings or near windows. Please review the venue layout to see what areas nudity is permitted.
  7. SHOOTING TIME - Do not go past your scheduled time and into someone else's time slot. Plan to end your shoots 5-10 minutes early to allow everyone time to pack up and get to their next shoot. If you require time for signing releases, please keep that extra time needed in mind as well.
  8. CAMPING - Do not shoot in any shooting area for more that one hour at a time. If you have large or elaborate setups, please reserve one of the "camping" areas on the reservation list.
  9. LOITERING - Do not loiter around, watch or take candid photographs of other people's shoots. Everyone attending is here to create art. Do not disrupt their time. The only place to hang out is within the check-in area. This all includes your assistants as well.
  10. SMOKING - Smoking is not permitted inside any of the venues by Michigan state law. If you need to smoke, please go to a designated smoking area outside.
  11. ALCOHOL/DRUGS - Alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted at DEAC whatsoever. If a bar is present at the venue, alcohol may only be purchased and consumed in that area only.
  12. SEX/PLAY - No sex, "toy" insertion, or any form of real lifestyle "play" is permitted whatsoever. You may bring sex toys, bondage equipment and related items for your shoot, but do not use them as any form of real sex/play session. This is an art creation event and not a lifestyle party.
  13. SUSPENSION - Do not plan to suspend anyone on anything at the venue as we have no idea what points are safe nor their weight ratings. If you plan any form of suspension for your shoot, please bring your own suspension rigs or frames.
  14. WEAPONS - Do not bring weapons of any sort to DEAC. This includes firearms, knives, swords, medieval weaponry, etc. If you wish to shoot with a prop weapon of any sort, please contact us prior to the event for approval.
  15. VALUABLES - Please keep all equipment and valuables with or near you at all times. Do not leave any items in the dressing areas unattended. If placed within a noted baggage holding area, keep them within sight and do not leave that area without them. We are not responsible for any items lost or damaged at DEAC.
  16. RELEASES - You are responsible for your own releases, their content and their signing. It is recommended that you discuss the terms of the releases before you shoot to understand and discuss them. You are responsible for reading and understanding anything you sign. DEAC will not get involved with releases, their terms nor any disagreements regarding them. DEAC only provides the venue, the security and the opportunities to create art.
  17. COMMON SENSE - As a guest to the venues we use, please exercise general "common sense" and "respect" in regards to your behavior towards others and the venue itself. If you do not have common sense, find a monitor for assistance. If you do not have respect, a monitor will find you.

  1. IMAGES - To fulfill their obligation to DEAC, all photographers must provide at least one edited web-sized image to each model and makeup artist before signing up for the next DEAC event. This image must be free for use in their respective portfolios. Any other discussed obligations, such as more images, prints, etc, are between you and the related parties involved. If you are a model or MUA and were not given at least one image by the next DEAC event, please contact us so we may take steps in getting them for you.
  2. POSTING - In DEAC regulated forums on off-site social medias (Facebook, Model Mayhem, etc), do not upload nude images that may violate their terms of service. Instead, upload them to either the DEAC event galleries or on another remote site and share the link.

  1. FLAMING - Personal attacks (flaming) or any forms of harassment are not tolerated anywhere within DEAC. This includes at the DEAC events, within DEAC site email and any DEAC related forums.
  2. SPAMMING - Spamming of any non-DEAC related events or services are not allowed to be posted unless prior permission is obtained. If in doubt, contact us in private to ask.
  3. POSTING IMAGES - In DEAC regulated forums on off-site social medias (Facebook, Model Mayhem, etc), do not upload nude images that may violate their terms of service. Instead, upload them to either the DEAC event galleries or on another remote site and share the link.

Again, we appreciate all members to uphold these rules to help us keep DEAC productive and creative for everyone.

If you encounter any problem whatsoever for any reason, please contact us privately so we may resolve them immediately. Thank you.

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